Hug a Rug

It's tough being a rug. They get trampled on and get dirtier every day, yet there's no respect and no appreciation for what they do. That's why we're starting the "Hug a Rug" drive. Bring a brand new rug into your home, and give it the comfort it deserves with a daily hug. The human-rug relationship will have never been better.
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Ends on January 25 at 9AM CT

About Jaipur Rugs

Long ago, N.K Chaudhary set out to find the legendary Golden Pineapple. His travels took him far and wide, and while he never found the fabled treasure he was after, he did meet several artisans with a knack for making rugs. He soon gave up on his treasure hunting days, and instead opened Jaipur, which has grown to one of the world's leading rug manufacturers.
Jaipur Rugs official site