Jaipur Vibrant Flat Weave Rugs

Haven't you sometimes looked at your boring floors and thought BOY I WISH I HAD A RUG BUT I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN? Welp, we gotcha covered right here. Also please don't yell, okay? Your neighbors are starting to get annoyed with you.
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About Jaipur Rugs

Rug makers aren't like art school dropouts, you know. Rug makers are committed. Rug makers are serious. Rug makers know that the strands of the world tie together to make a tapestry that covers the bare floors of injustice. Also, rug makers know that style and craftsmanship matters. That's why Jaipur keeps on making quality rugs, year after year. While those art school dropouts are working at a car wash.
Jaipur official site