Panda-Friendly Towels and Throws

What's the first plant you think of when you think of towels and throws? That's WRONG! You think of the bamboo plant, and the 100% viscose fibers that are derived from it! And those viscose fibers are what make these super-soft snuggly stuff. Soft like a panda's belly. Don't test that description, though. You might lose an arm.

Ends on January 18 at 9AM CT

About Viscose Derived From Bamboo

DID YOU KNOW: Did you know the Federal Trade Commission has rules about what you can call things? It's true! That's why your frozen pizza is sometimes called "pizza with pepperoni" instead of "pepperoni pizza." Seems like it means the same, but it doesn't. It's all about thresholds and percentages, see. That's why these items are "100% Viscose derived from bamboo" and not, well, some other description. See? Now you know.