Spring Cleaning in the Yard

You know that wonderful feeling you get during the first sunny day after a long, cold winter? It's great! Then how that feeling deflates when you realize how much yard work there's to do? It's not great! We want to make it easier on you, and with the wonder of new technology, your spring cleaning can be a breeze. But not an actual breeze, a metaphorical breeze. Or something. Nevermind.

Ends on March 21 at 9AM CT

About Spring Cleaning

We could do cleaning in the summer, but we just did cleaning in the spring, and who wants to clean AGAIN? We could do cleaning in the fall, but we're too busy eating candy from Halloween. We could do cleaning in the winter, but that requires going outside when it's cold, and who wants to do that? So instead, we do all of our cleaning in the spring, leaving the rest of the year as a time to wallow in our filth. Hooray!