That First Night

With such a lovely pillow, we're certain your college kid will be inspired to enjoy some quite nights in.

Chastity turned out the dorm room light and turned on the flashlight. "Okay, you guys, the first meeting of the Freshmen Under-Blanket Friendship Society has now come… to order!" There was a small round of applause from under the blanket dangled over the desk.

"Wow!" Purity offered, opening the bag of marshmallows. "With you guys and that 4-Flip Wedge Pillow to lie on, It's like we've known each other forever, right? We're so lucky to have found each other!"

"You so are!" said Honor. "I'm so jealous! But not really, because I'm right across the hall. Any time I want comfort while sleeping-"

"Or to watch TV while upright!" giggled Purity, pulling the 4-Flip Wedge Pillow into position.

"Or to relax after class!" helped Chastity, falling on the built-in headrest with a laugh.

"Or to just incline while reading!" Honor continued, playfully shoving Chastity out of the way to sprawl comfortably against the gradual upward slope of the 4-Flip Wedge Pillow. Chastity shoved back, and reclaimed the 4-Flip Wedge Pillow without malice.

"Yep, for any of those things, all you'll need to do is come right in here." Purity poured the cocoa into the first mug.

Hope kicked her heels. "But what if you're using it, Purity? Can I just grab it and tear it away?"

"No way!" laughed Chastity. "I love you, Honor, but some lines have to be drawn, and this 4-Flip Wedge Pillow is ours first! Right, Purity?"

Purity nodded. Honor held up her hands in surrender. "It's a sacred bond," she agreed, dropping a marshmallow into her mug. "You guys are starting your college experience together, and as much as I hope we'll always be friends-"

"And of course we will!" said Chastity and Purity together.

"-you two will always have an extra-special closeness, just like a cheek to a pillow."

"You've got such a way with words, Honor!" said Purity.

"I did take AP English in High School," Honor answered humbly.

Across the hall, Honor's roommate was yelling something about a party with an older guy named Phil who had a car and was offering to buy her beer. Honor wrinkled her nose.

"I don't think I'm going to like my roommate very much," she scowled. Purity nodded sadly.

"Oh, let's not think about that tonight," Chastity ordered, raising her newly-marshmallowed hot chocolate. "Here's to us… the best Freshmen this college will ever know!"

"And to this wonderful comfortable super pillow, because, OMG, right? This thing is as comfortable as a hug from a very best friend!"

From beneath their blanket fort, the girls could easily ignore the drunken screams coming from the hallway outside.

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  • Position yourself for comfort and a great nights’ sleep
  • Combines a bed pillow with a wedge pillow for versatility
  • “4-Way Flip” comfort and support positions for your complete relaxation
  • Unique design provides four levels of back support – perfect for comfort and aligns your neck, shoulder and lumbar region in any position
    - Sleeping Position – The smaller lobe provides great support for proper head and neck alignment, without compromising a plush, comfort feel
    - Upright Position: Allows maximum back support for upright activities such as working on a laptop, watching TV or reading in bed
    - Relaxed Position: A built-in head rest offers great neck, shoulder and back support in a more relaxed position
    - Inclined Position: Provides gradual upward slope, ideal for those who need to sleep with their head slightly elevated
  • To clean pillow: spot clean with water only, air dry, do not remove cover

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


Sleep Position: 20”L x 18”D x 18”H
Upright Position: 20”L x 9”D x 23”H
Relaxed Position: 20”L x 18”D x 18”H
Inclined Position: 20”L x 25”D x 10”H
Weight: 2 lbs.
Cover Material: 100% Polyester
Inner Material: 100% Polyester Fiber Fill
Cleaning Instructions:
  • to clean pillow: spot clean with water only, air dry
  • do not remove cover
County of Origin: China, Polyester Fiber Fill is made in USA


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