An Afternoon Visit

If this drill were a person, it would be comfortable in a garage or a gallery. And probably also have impeccable fashion sense.

Lesley heard the faint hum from the apartment upstairs. First she took a shower. Then, she made sure her makeup was all correct. Then she picked out the perfect dress, not too revealing yet not too conservative. A quick look in the mirror to make sure she looked perfect... and then, she went up a floor to complain.

"Lesley." said Raoul in his warm, deep voice. It was like a blanket around her ears. "What can I do for you, my bottom neighbor?"

Lesley tried not to giggle nervously. "I heard some drilling, Raoul. I came up to see what you were doing."

"It is of no consequence if it has disturbed you, Lesley." Raoul lifted the Hitachi Micro Driver Drill at his side. "This thing, pfah. Despite its obvious quality, it still cannot keep me from upsetting your peaceful home. What a fool I was to trust it. I should have used the Hitachi Right Angle Impact Driver instead. It has torque enough. I beg you, forgive my lapse in judgment. I am a poor neighbor indeed."

"Well, it wasn't so bad, Raoul." said Lesley. "I guess I didn't really come to complain. Maybe I just was... curious. About what you were doing. You know. Neighborly interest."

Raoul nodded, his dusky flowing hair like dark streaks of rain down the window of an imported Italian sports car. "I drill many things, Lesley. Today my Hitachi Micro Driver Drill was helping me reassemble the door of my grandfather's wardrobe. It smells of cedar and cigars and it was used to smuggle my mother through the city during his country's civil war. It was the most civil the world has ever seen, Lesley, and without this wardrobe, she would not likely have survived, and I would not be here, living above you, holding this magnificent Hitachi Micro Driver Drill with a Hitachi Right Angle Impact Driver close by."

"Oh, my," said Lesley.

Raoul moved his free hand to scratch his perfectly-shaped bicep. "Lesley, I beg of you. Give me your opinion. I will be using this Hitachi Micro Driver Drill and Hitachi Right Angle Impact Driver to hang a painting later in the month. It is even now traveling from Shangdong where it was found abandoned on the wall of a small village temple. The money I spent on it will go to helping children raise goats. Please, tell me you will be free to guide my hand as I use my Hitachi Micro Driver Drill to hang it upon the wall of my bedroom."

Leslie swallowed.

"Well, Raoul... of course, if I'm free... I wouldn't want to be rude... I mean, I can't promise anything, but-"

Raoul set down the Hitachi Micro Driver Drill and pressed his hand to Lesley's shoulder. It was warm like the ocean in August. "No promises between us, Lesley. We are the tide. We meet, we part, who can say? Eh? If it is destiny, you will be here. And, perhaps together, we shall properly mount my piece."

Raoul closed the door. Leslie lost count of how many seconds it took her before she could walk away.

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The Hitachi Micro Driver Drill fits in tight places conventional drills can't. Its compact, lightweight design makes it the ideal tool for electrical work, fastening, HVAC, or finish cabinetry. And powered by Hitachi's long-lasting HXP Lithium-Ion batteries, this driver drill has a variable-speed trigger, best-in-class clutch mechanism, impressive power-to-weight ratio, quick-change chuck, and more.

Compact, Lightweight Driver Drill is Easy to Handle and Hold

  • 6" long and  weighs just 1.8 pounds
  • Small enough to fit in tight spaces, easily fits in any tool belt
  • Lightweight design promotes easy one-handed operation and minimal fatigue
  • Optimized handle with Elastomer wrap provides additional comfort and a secure grip

Powerful Enough to Tackle a Wide Range of Applications

  • Maximum of 88 in./lbs. of torque
  • Makes easy work of most light-duty jobs, such as cabinetry work, drilling and fastening
  • Variable-speed trigger allows for precise control over the speed of the drill--between 0 and 400 RPM
  • Best-in-class 21+1 stage clutch lets you dial in the perfect amount of torque for the job

Specially Designed Chuck for Ease of Use

  • Features an LED ring that surrounds the 1/4-inch quick-change chuck and illuminates the work surface
  • The chuck requires no tools for bit changes--simply pull out, insert the bit, and release the chuck

HXP Batteries Last 3 Times Longer & Weigh 50% Less

  • Light weight due to two HXP Lithium-Ion batteries (included)
  • These 1.5-Ah batteries weigh half of what traditional NiCd or NiMH batteries weigh
  • Tools featuring HXP batteries are on average one pound lighter than tools using traditional batteries
  • Last three times longer than their competition
  • HXP Lithium-Ion batteries can be used for up to 1,500 charge cycles (compared to 500 charge cycles of  NiCd and NiMH batteries)
  • The included quick charger replenishes the battery power in just 40 minutes
  • Operate within optimal voltage limits, protecting both the tool and batteries from damage
  • Protection circuitry built into the batteries and charger monitors the charge and discharge for each battery cell, resulting in peak operating performance
  • If a surge in power is detected during use, Hitachi's Over-Current Protection technology will temporarily shut of the power to protect the batteries and tool from being damaged


The Hitachi Right Angle Impact Driver is designed with 265 Inch/lbs of turning torque. This micro right angle impact driver is the perfect tool to handle a wide range of applications that require drilling, driving and fastening.

  • Angled low profile head allows the tool to fit into hard to reach areas
  • Weighs only 2.2 lbs
  • Delivers an impressive no-load speed of 0-2,100 RPMs and 0-3,400 BPMs
  • Quick change 1/4'' hex chuck for simple bit replacements
  • LED light effectively illuminates dim work areas
  • Balanced tool weight for proper wrist alignment and reduced fatigue

SHIPPING NOTE: The Postal Service now forbids shipping lithium batteries, or any items containing them, outside the US. We need a stateside physical address within the 48 contiguous states to ship your order to. Sorry, APO/FPO customers.


Warranty: Hitachi Limited Lifetime Service


Drill/Driver Specifications
Voltage 10.8
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Amp Hour 1.5
Weight 1.8 lbs.
Handle Circumference 5.5"
Length 5.688"
Torque 88 in./lbs.
No-Load Speed 0-400 RPM
Torque Settings 21 + 1
Light LED Light Ring
Battery Charge Indicator Yes
Stands Upright Yes


In the box:


(1) Hitachi DB10DL 10.8V Micro Drill/Driver

(1) Hitachi WH10DCLP4 10.8V Right Angle Impact Driver

  • (2) 1.5-Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Quick Charger
  • Philips Driver Bit
  • 7-Piece Mag Drive Set
  • Carrying Case


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