Kuhn Rikon 3-Piece Cutlery Set

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Never judge a book by its cover. It might look like a Herman Melville, but it reads like a Danielle Steel.

Danielle turned the corner just as the elevator was closing. Clutching the last of her moving boxes, she ran for it and called out to the two ladies inside to hold it. As she squeezed in at the last second, the box caught the door and she stumbled, spilling all the contents, including her Kuhn Rikon 3-Piece Cutlery Set.

Sylvia looked down at the giraffe-print knives and recoiled slightly before saying, “You’re obviously new here, so I was going to let it slide that you just nearly severed my little toe. But then I saw those knives and, my God! They have got to be THE MOST-”

“-WONDERFUL THINGS I’VE EVER SEEN!” interrupted Pamela. “Do they have them in other animal prints? I HAVE to have a set of these!” Sylvia flashed her an incredulous look but Pamela gushed as she picked them up one by one, handing them back to Danielle.

“I’m so sorry,” said Danielle, a little embarrassed. “I don’t usually buy things like this but, well … anyway. Yes, I think they have zebra and leopard print as well.”

“You don’t have to explain to us, dear,” Sylvia said with one eyebrow raised. “Everyone has their dirty little secrets.”

Ignoring Sylvia, Pamela asked, “Are they good knives, or are they just for show?”

“No, they’re actually really nice. They’re made of Japanese steel, and they have a nonstick coating so food doesn’t stick to them when you’re chopping,” said Danielle as the door opened to her floor and she stepped off.

“What’s your name, hon?” asked Sylvia.

“Danielle!” she replied as the door closed.

Sylvia turned and looked at Pamela with a mischievous grin. “Don’t let those dowdy clothes fool you. Beneath the mousy exterior, that one’s got a bit of a wild streak.”

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Warranty: 1 year Kuhn Rikon

Condition: New


  • Stay stylish in the kitchen with this three-piece cutlery set
  • Made from Japanese high carbon stainless steel that keeps the blades super sharp
  • Silicone base non-stick coating ensures food will release easily from the blades
  • Sheathes protect the blades when stored in a drawer, or allow you to take the knife safely to an outdoor event
  • Decorated with a chic animal print that’s sure to grab attention
  • Can be sharpened with a regular knife sharpener
  • Knives and sheathes are dishwasher safe

In the box:

(1) Kuhn Rikon Cutlery Set (Choose Leopard, Giraffe, or Zebra)

  • (1) 6” Chef’s Knife
  • (1) 4” Paring Knife
  • (1) Mini Cleaver Knife
  • (3) Knife Sheaths
  • Note: Cutting board and fruit are NOT included



Kuhn Rikon Animal Print Cutlery Set - 6" Chef's, 4" Paring, Mini Cleaver

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Kuhn Rikon 3-Piece Cutlery Set
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