Lock & Lock LLG203S4 BOROSEAL III, Borosilicate Glass 8-Piece Set

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Our Story So Far

OK, now that we've said our piece about the current Woot-Off sale, let's talk about something much more exciting: the ongoing story we've been telling in our product writeups. A lot's gone on in the apartments since our last recap, and we know you've been busy! So here's what you might have missed...

Sylvia's been acting mysterious over the last month, beginning with a trip to the pawn shop for unspecified reasons. Maybe the two detectives across the street are watching her, and maybe they aren't. Either way, she's been spending a lot of time at home, sometimes reading Craig's sci-fi stories and sometimes watching infomercials.

Danielle has been staying home more as well. After her relapse into her old relationship with Phil, she's been reconsidering how her life's been going. She spent some time with her friend Lisa (who knows a thing or two about how to let someone down easy) but otherwise has been spending some time on her own.

This could be why she was there to answer the buzzer when Craig came to check on his aunt. But the reason doesn't matter, does it? Because Craig and Danielle have finally met. Who knows what will happen next?

Of course there's more we're leaving out, from Lesley's revelation about Raoul to Rod's decision to move to the girls at the local community college but surely you've kept up with those on your own, right? If not, consider this your bridge to the next round of stories.

Back to the Woot-Off!


These containers are made of borosilicate glass which withstands high heat and sudden cooling.  You can use them safely in the conventional oven, micro-wave and dishwasher

  • Unlike other glasses, heat-resistant glass use material that contains strong heat resistant properties which could withstand sudden change in temperature
  • Excellent airtightness with the 4-side locking system
  • Cooking in oven, or use as bakeware (without lid)
  • Salt and oxidation resistant
  • Microwave safe (without lid)
  • From oven to table
  • Freezer to microwave (do not place frozen dishes directly in a hot oven)
  • Stain and odor resistant

Warranty: 1 Year Lock & Lock


1.3 Cup/10.1Fl. Oz: 4.7” x 4.7” x 2.2”
2.3 Cup/18.3Fl. Oz: 5.7” x 5.7” x 2.6”
1.6 Cup/10.1 Fl. Oz: 5.4” x 5.4” x 13.5”
3.6 Cup/29.4Fl. Oz: 6.9” x 6.9” x 3.1”


Conventional oven or Microwave

  • Do not overheat empty container in microwave or even for long period of time. Glass could be very hot.
  • Do not place frozen dishes directly in a hot oven.
  • Do not clean the container with wet towels or place on wet surface when the glass is heated. Sudden extreme change in temperature could damage the glass.
  • Do not put in direct contact with a flame.
  • Please use oven/kitchen glove when removing the glass container from oven or microwave.
  • You may use in conventional ovens but NOT on the stovetop directly.
  • When microwaving always vent lid by lifting from the rim enough to avoid excessive steam build-up, and possible injury.
  • Follow microwave manufacturers recommendations when reheating food in Lock & Lock containers. Remove lid or open enough to avoid dangerous steam build up.
  • When microwaving frozen foods directly out of the freezer, always use appropriate microwave setting.
  • Top rack dishwasher safe for plastic lids.

In the box:

(1) Lock & Lock LLG203S4 BOROSEAL III, Borosilicate Glass 8-Piece Set includes:

  • (1) 1.3 Cup Container with Lid
  • (1) 2.3 Cup Container with Lid
  • (1) 1.6 Cup Container with Lid
  • (1) 3.6 Cup Container with Lid


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