To-may-to, Ta-mah-to

Vornado, like "tornado." But between you and me, pronouncing it like "avocado" will make it sound much much MUCH more sophisticated.

Brant scowled at the Vornado Whole Room Heater on the other side of the room. Sure, it was producing warm, safe heat that covered the entire room from perimeter to center ... but at what cost to his life? At what cost to his relationship?

Cross the room, warm and toasty on the couch, Lesley fumed.

"VorNAAAAdo," she hissed. "It's a Spanish word meaning 'warm as an ocean.'

Brant didn't look up from his iPad. "Vornado, as in 'tornado.' It's a sort of pun, I think."

"It's NOT a pun!" Lesley spat, throwing a pillow. "It's a POWERFUL HEATING DEVICE that turns a small space into a WARM AND CLASSY VILLA and it NEEDS A NAME TO REFLECT THAT!"

Brant flipped a digital page with anger in his finger. "Vor-nah-do is stupid. Vor-nay-do. Like the storm."

Lesley kicked the arm of the sofa. "You don't understand ANYTHING! What if I started going by 'Leslie' instead of 'Lesley'? Would you think of me the same?"


Lesley stood up and glared. "That. Is. The Most. HORRIBLE. Thing. You. Have. Ever. Said. VOR-NAH-DO, VOR-NAH-DO, VOR-NAH-DO!"

"Vor-nay-do, Lesley!" Brant replied.

"LESLIE!" Lesley answered. "IT DOESN'T MATTER, RIGHT?"

Brant sighed as Leslie slammed the door to their bedroom. If this heater wasn't so good, he would have gotten rid of it ages ago.

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  • Vornado vortex heat with multi-level safety protection, is a true whole room heater
  • Vornado products produces a vortex or tornado-like "beam" of air that projects across the room and forces air to return around the perimeter of the room to be recirculated, the result is the efficient circulation of heat throughout the entire room
  • Circulates heat throughout an entire room, not just a small space, helps eliminate hot and cold spots
  • Tip-over switch ensures the heater will automatically shut off if it's tipped over
  • Built-in thermostat allows you to select  your desired comfort level
  • Illuminated power switch is a visual reminder that the heater is on
  • Whisper quiet operation moves air effectively with minimal noise
  • Compact size fits almost anywhere in the home or office
  • Whisper quiet operation - moves air effectively with minimal noise
  • Cool-touch exterior made of tough impact resistant polymer provides worry-free use at home or office
  • Stable base minimizes tip over
  • Simple to use controls

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty:  1 Year Vornado


Multi-Level Safety Protection
Automatic Tip-Over Switch: If the heater is accidently tipped over, it will automatically shut off power to the heating element.  When returned to upright position it will resume to normal operation
Blocked Airflow Protection: Automatically shuts off when airflow becomes blocked
No Overheating: Manual reset, over-temperature thermal breaker with backup fuse.  Warm enough to heat an entire room, the exit air temperature is 120°F, the temperature of the exit air in most central forced air heating systems
Non-Glowing Heat Element: Non-glowing heat element mounted to non-flammable mica.  Even on HIGH, the heat element does not glow making it safer and longer lasting
Cool-Touch Case: Made of a tough, impact-resistant polymer, the case and grill are cool to the touch
Dimensions: L 10.75" x W 10" x H 12.75"
Cord Length: 77"
Wattage: 1,500 Watts
Amps: 12.5 Amps
Volts Alternating Current: 120VAC

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  • (1) Vornado Model VTH Style EH1-0025-01 Whole Room Vortex Heater

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