Blue By You

If only getting things off your chest were as easy as cleaning a pool.

Danielle stood in front of Sylvia's door, still debating on whether or not to knock. On one hand, it had been a week since Sylvia had borrowed her only set of knives, and Danielle thought it was pretty inconsiderate of her to not return them without saying anything. On the other hand, she really didn't feel like alienating a neighbor. And Sylvia seemed so nice. Well, nice wasn't the right word. Sylvia seemed like a good person to know, though.

Still, she thought, looking down at the bandage on her left hand, it'd be awful nice to chop an onion with something better and less painful than a steak knife. She took a deep breath, psyched herself up, and raised her hand to knock.

The door flew open before her knuckles touched the wood. "Oh, Danielle!" Sylvia said as she emerged from her apartment holding a large package. "Wonderful timing, dear. I was just coming to see you!"

Danielle was stunned. Sylvia was already locking her door when Danielle finally got herself together and started to blurt out, "Listen, Sylvia, about the..."

"Oh, honey, I'm afraid I don't have much time for chit-chat. I have a very important meeting with a potential new donor to the Playhouses For Pets charity and I simply must be there on time, you understand. With this guy's help, we could house a lot of suburban animals who don't have air-conditioned outdoor shelters for the summer, so I really need to dash. Which is where you come in."

Sylvia twirled from the door and placed the package she was holding in Danielle's hands. "This is a Water Tech Robotic Pool Cleaner, Danielle. Now I know what you're thinking. Why do I have a pool cleaner that's perfect for cleaning large pools in as little as one or two hours when this building doesn't even HAVE a pool? Well, it's a longer story than I have time to tell. The important thing you need to know is that Nestoras is supposed to come by to fix my sink and I thought he might know of someone who could use it. Now, I left a note on my counter telling him I left it with you. If he comes by, just tell him about the internal, reusable microfilter bag that removes debris as small as two microns and the sensor that keeps it from getting stuck on ladders and such. I'm sure he'll know what it means."

Danielle shook her head. "Um, Sylvia, I really don't mind doing this, but..."

"Oh good. I was hoping you wouldn't. Thank you so much for doing me yet another favor, dear." Sylvia placed a hand on her shoulder. "You really are so helpful. Oh." Sylvia pointed down at Danielle's injured hand. "What happened there?"

"Well," Danielle huffed, "actually..."

Sylvia shook her head. "Nope, sorry, Danielle. You'll have to tell me the story some other time. Have a good night!" With that, Sylvia strode down the hall towards the elevator, whose doors somehow magically opened as she approached.

Danielle looked down at the box she now held and wondered how much trouble she could get into if she broke her lease.

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  • The Blue Sapphire is perfect companion for any size residential swimming pool; most large pools can be cleaned in as little as two hours
  • Made of the highest quality parts including the industry’s best chemical and algae resistant PolyVinyl Alcohol (PVA) brushes
  • Its state of the art obstacle sensor will prevent the machine from getting stuck on ladders or other obstructions in the pool
  • The beach entry detector prevents the unit from exiting the water
  • Included with the unit is an internal, reusable microfilter bag that removes debris as small as two microns, keeping your pool free of sand, silt, algae as well as larger debris like leaves and gravel
  • Unique control panel communicates directly with the robot, which gives you the option to program the time or work in default mode choosing the time parameters
  • The Blue Sapphire is completely self-contained and automatic, requiring no user guidance except placing it in the pool and turning it on
  • Cleans the Entire Pool in Only 1-2 Hours
  • Built-in Air and Obstacle Sensor
  • Cleans Floors, Walls & Most Steps
  • Hand-Crafted, Using the Highest Quality Components
  • Removes All Debris: Algae, Sand Leaves, etc.
  • 2 Micron Filtration
  • Operates for Pennies A Day
  • Totally Independent: No Installation, No Hoses, No Booster Pumps, No Suction Lines
  • Safe, Operates on a 24V Step-Down Transformer

Product Manual - click here

Warranty: Limited 2 Year Aquatron



Cord Length: 60 ft.
Suction Power: 4650 Gal / Hr
Cleaning Coverage: 4500 sq ft per hr
Filter Porosity: 2 microns
Unit Weight: 16.5 lbs. w/o cord
Electrical Requirements: 115V/60hz
Drive Motor: 24v DC Oil Free High Speed Brushless
Pump Motor: 24v DC High Flow
Dimensions: 16.75” W x 11" H x 15" D


In the box:

(1) Water Tech Blue Sapphire Robotic Pool Cleaner, Model No. RBU81BSJ includes:

  • (1) Water Tech Blue Sapphire Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • (1) Control Panel
  • Operating Instructions
  • Warranty Card

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