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So, with that out of the way- welcome! It's time we set our glorious Woot-Off aside and take another look at what's been going on since last time. Join us, won't you? And if you won't, we're gonna glare at you as you leave.

On Halloween, Rod discovered his ghost … was Sylvia! Hiding in an underground bunker in Rod's basement! Of course, this was for one reason, and one reason only: Pamela's guilt. Turns out that Pamela had hired Mike to cover up her affair with Rod and started the whole snowball of paranoia. Does she regret it? Absolutely! But now her best friend is gone and having so much fun on her own, who knows if she'll ever come back? Certainly not Nestoras, who said his goodbyes to the woman he'd grown to love.

Poor Craig hasn't been doing much better. He'd gotten close to Danielle while helping her recover from an injured leg but then had a little run in with Phil. Maybe he was too possessive, or maybe he was just unlucky in love, but Danielle decided she's had enough and turned her back on Craig again. And she's not too happy with Phil either.

Of course, there were the happier moments too, like Lesley and Brant's anniversary! It's just sad that they got into a fight right after. A fight that might even lead to Lesley changing the spelling of her name from time to time without any warning. What a twist!

Of course, if you've been reading, you know all this more, including Chastity's babysitting and the newest detective agency in town. If you haven't, consider this your invitation. We know Moueska would love some other fans to whom he or she could talk.

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  • Germ Guardian Digital Air Purifier helps to remove bacteria, odors, mold spores, pet dander and pollen from the air in your home
  • Perfect for allergy and indoor asthma sufferers and for those who enjoy fresh air
  • This air cleaning system is more than just a filter, multiple levels of cleaning include HEPA, UV-C, and charcoal to help improve air quality
  • Powerful UV-C light kills bacteria and viruses, including: rhinovirus, E. coli and streptococcus
  • Titanium Dioxide is activated by the UV-C light to decompose remaining odor molecules caused by smoking, cooking and pets
  • Pre-filter captures odors and large particles, such as lint and pet hair
  • Charcoal/Activated Carbon filter, contributes to the control and prevention of the growth of bacteria, germs and mold
  • Air then moves through the Pet Pure True HEPA Filter, which eliminates 99.97% of airborne particles, as small as 0.3 microns in size, such as dust mites, debris, mold spores, pollens and pet dander
  • Pre-filter and carbon filter are combined into one layer that attaches to the HEPA filter
  • Pet Pure True HEPA Filter is treated with an anti-microbial agent to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the filter
  • The filtered air then passes by a UV-C light, which kills bacteria and viruses
  • Purifies a room size of 193 square feet

Shipping Note: Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is not available for this item
Special Information: Due to the size of this item, it can not be delivered to MILITARY addresses

Warranty:  3 Years Germ Guardian


Dimensions: W 7" x D 10.25" x H 28"
Weight: 10.5 Lbs
Input Voltage: 120V, 60 Hz, 60W, 0.5A
Number of Settings: 3
Wattage: 100 Watts
Room Size: 193 Square Feet per Hour
Combination Filter Multiple Layers:
  • Pre-Filter/Charcoal
  • Pet Pure True HEPA
Allergens Captured:
  • Bacteria
  • Odors
  • Pet Dander
  • Mold Spores
  • Pollen
Digital Display:
  • UV-C Control
  • Speed Control
  • Timer
  • Filter Change Indicator
UVC Bulb Type: LB5000 8W (included)

In the Box:

  • (1) Germ Guardian AC5250BPT Digital UVC & True HEPA Air Purifier 

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Germ Guardian Digital Air Purifier
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