Our Story So Far

So, with that out of the way- welcome! It's time we set our glorious Woot-Off aside and take another look at what's been going on since last time. Join us, won't you? And if you won't, we're gonna glare at you as you leave.

On Halloween, Rod discovered his ghost … was Sylvia! Hiding in an underground bunker in Rod's basement! Of course, this was for one reason, and one reason only: Pamela's guilt. Turns out that Pamela had hired Mike to cover up her affair with Rod and started the whole snowball of paranoia. Does she regret it? Absolutely! But now her best friend is gone and having so much fun on her own, who knows if she'll ever come back? Certainly not Nestoras, who said his goodbyes to the woman he'd grown to love.

Poor Craig hasn't been doing much better. He'd gotten close to Danielle while helping her recover from an injured leg but then had a little run in with Phil. Maybe he was too possessive, or maybe he was just unlucky in love, but Danielle decided she's had enough and turned her back on Craig again. And she's not too happy with Phil either.

Of course, there were the happier moments too, like Lesley and Brant's anniversary! It's just sad that they got into a fight right after. A fight that might even lead to Lesley changing the spelling of her name from time to time without any warning. What a twist!

Of course, if you've been reading, you know all this more, including Chastity's babysitting and the newest detective agency in town. If you haven't, consider this your invitation. We know Moueska would love some other fans to whom he or she could talk.

Back to the Woot-Off!


Get a more complete picture of your fitness level and gauge your progress with the Tony Little Body Express Body Fat Scale with Voice Assist by HoMedics.

  • This scale displays more than just your weight
  • When you stand on this multifunctional scale in bare feet it uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to calculate estimates of your body fat, body water and muscle mass
  • Records data for up to 6 individual users, making it a great fitness tool for the entire family
  • Daily Calorie Predictor Function - estimates the number of calories needed based on your body composition and personal data; may be used as a guide when setting daily calorie goals during weight loss and exercise programs
  • Athletic mode - for active individuals ages 15 to 85 years
  • Normal mode - for individuals ages 10 to 85 years
  • Voice Assist Setup - guides you through entry of personal data in English or Spanish
  • 4-Button Programming - for simple entry of user height, age, gender and normal/athlete mode
  • Instant scale function - stand on the scale anytime for instant weight reading
  • Large LCD Screen - with blue backlight and easy-to-read numbers
  • Recorded Tony Little inspirational message - press POWER button to play
  • Auto-off - scale turns off automatically when not in use
  • Accurate Weight Graduation - measures your weight in 0.2 lb. increments
  • Measures weight in pounds, kilograms or stone pounds
  • Made of metal, steel and plastic
  • Maximum User Weight: 400 lbs.
  • Power source: 4 AA batteries included
  • Includes instruction manual and quick start guide

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty:  Limited Lifetime HoMedics

Warning: Do not use this product if you have a pacemaker or other internal medical device. This product is not intended for use by children under 10 years of age or pregnant women. Always consult your physician to determine what is most ideal for you.


Measurements: 14-1/4"L x 13-1/2"W x 1-3/4"H
LCD Screen Measurements: 7"L x 2-1/2"W
  • Weight
  • Body Fat
  • Body Water
  • Muscle Mass
Measures Weight:
  • Pounds
  • Kilograms
  • Stone Pounds
Daily Calorie Predictor Function: Yes
  • Athletic
  • Normal
Voice Assist Set Up: Yes
  • English
  • Spanish
4-Button Programming:
  • Height
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Normal/Athlete Mode
LCD Screen: Yes
Automatic Shut Off: Yes
Accurate Weight Graduation: Measures Weight in 0.2lb. increments
Maximum User Weight: 400 lbs.
Power Source: 4 "AA" Batteries included


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(1) HoMedics SC-545TL Tony Little Body Express Scale

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